Climate neutrality

Packaging and sustainability?
Yes. You can. If you want to.

All three Group companies invest in climate-friendly projects worldwide. And in such a way that as much CO2 is saved as we produce. Neutral. Climate neutral! We would not have to do this – but it is the least we can do and the least we want to do.

The purchase of hazardous materials is also minimized and we are constantly looking for ways to replace them. On the one hand, it reduces the potential environmental impact that could come from our companies, and on the other hand, it reduces the risk to our products. It is an important part of our growing hygiene management and the HACCP analyses carried out. Delivering hygienically flawless packaging products to the food and pharmaceutical sectors is our commitment.

So that you can buy from us with a clear conscience.

Carbon Footprint Service

Document how green you buy.

The entire life cycle of our product is taken into account when calculating the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). This means that we examine the raw materials that make up our product, its manufacture, transport, use and disposal.

This therefore includes all steps of your up-stream supply chain up to the usage phase at your site. A Product Carbon Footprint is relevant to your business if you need to understand or demonstrate the environmental impact of individual products you source. Or if you want to offer carbon-neutral products and have set strict carbon reduction targets.

You want us to calculate your carbon footprint per item? Contact us!

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