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Beverage packaging and more.

Bag-in-Box manufacturing

We have been tackling the topic of ‘special packaging’ for liquids since 1973. Our focus is on complete bag-in-box systems. Whether for industrial purposes or for consumers, They must be leakproof!

Since founding the company, our manufacturing processes put an emphasis on reliability, quality, and function. In 2019, Tesseraux was sold to RINGMETALL SE as part of a succession arrangement and it now forms the core of the INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING LINER business unit as one of four sister companies. A company group exclusively specializing in high-quality packaging solutions for inliners, liners, bags and sacks.

Facts & Figures

Interesting facts in numbers.

With its 66 employees at its headquarters in Bürstadt bei Worms, the company currently produces 20 million bag-in-box units in 3 halls on 3 modern production lines. In 2023, production capacities will be expanded by another hall and 2 additional lines.


In the middle of Europe. In the south of Hesse.

Bürstadt is situated in the Upper Rhine Plane between the Rhine river and Odenwald in one of Germany’s culturally and historically most significant areas. Worms, a city famous for its cathedral, is also nearby. Thanks to its location between the main traffic arteries A61 and A5, Bürstadt offers the industries from the region not only logistical benefits, but also a higher quality of life for their employees. “Here, Germany starts resembling Italy”, that’s what emperor Joseph II is quoted to have said on his way to his coronation in Frankfurt. See it for yourself and come visit us…


“Nothing is as constant as change.”

That’s why for us, too, everything is always in a state of flux. On this page you can find the latest news from the Industrial Packaging Liner Division.

We tell you about new products and innovations, about campaigns, events and changes. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But always engaging… so you’re always in the know.


Packaging solutions for beer and beverages – Brau Beviale, booth 4-308

Special trade fairs for special products, that’s the trend. For this reason, you will find us this year for the first time as a group of companies in Hall 4 at Stand 308 at the Brau Beviale industry meeting in Nuremberg. Here the beverage specialists of INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING LINER -the companies Nittel, Liner Factory and Tesseraux- present high quality and innovative packaging solutions for liquids. Whether beer tank covers, tank linings or bag-in-box solutions: Here you will get all your questions answered. We are looking forward to your visit!


Liner Factory – new member of Industrial Packaging Liner

Since mid-June 2023, the INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING LINER business unit, which until then consisted of the packaging specialists Nittel, Tesseraux, Rhein-Plast and the US company Protective Lining, has been enriched by another suitable company: Liner Factory GmbH und Co. KG from Ahaus. The small but fine manufacturing company with approx. 30 employees produces customized liner solutions for the liquid sector. The parent company RINGMETALL SE is thus consistently continuing its growth course in the highly specialized packaging segment. For more info, visit www.liner-factory.de.


Nittel wins World Packaging Award 2023

The Nittel GmbH company received a World Packaging Award for its “Green Milk Liner” product. The Green Milk Liner is a sustainable packaging solution for the dairy industry that reduces the use of plastic. The award recognizes the company’s innovation and commitment to environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The recognition awarded at Interpack 2023 strengthens Nittel GmbH’s position as a pioneer in the industry and promotes awareness of sustainable packaging materials.


Industrial Packaging Liner at the German Packaging Congress 2023 in Berlin

To keep our finger on the pulse for you, we visited the German Packaging Congress 2023 in Berlin, organized by the German Packaging Institute DVI. 230 participants exchanged ideas about the main challenge of the packaging industry: the topic of sustainability! In one sentence: There is still a lot to do here, and a lot is already being done. For those interested, here is a detailed conclusion.

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