Bag-in-Box systems

Square. Practical. Leakproof.

In our opinion, this is one of the most underestimated packaging materials. Only a few other packaging solutions offer so many benefits in so many areas:

Logistics: During transportation, the bags are empty and thus light with low space requirements when folded. No air is being transported. Put in a crate, they can be stacked on top of each other with little space between them. You save and are doing the environment a favour at the same time.

Function: In the process of emptying, the bag collapses together with the decrease in the amount of the liquid, and the product doesn’t come in contact with oxygen. This greatly increases the shelf life of your product.

Marketing: The sides of the box are easy to print and offer a good surface for marketing messages or sales-promoting graphics and logos. This makes your products easier to sell.

Closure systems

There is a lid for every pot. And a closure for each bag-in-box.

The variety of taps and closures for the bag-in-box systems is as big as the variety of applications and liquids.

Tecotap: the classic closure in black and red. Now available with or without colouring for better separation in recycling plants. It consists of the following:

– tap
– tamper-proof cap
– wings
– inner valve (not visible)
– spigot

coming soon: the recycling tear-off flap.
After opening, the flap remains on the closure. It doesn’t simply get discarded in the environment and can be recycled with the rest. A small, but clever change!

Screw cap:
Different sizes, different shapes, and different colours. Just as you want it and just perfect for your product.

Post-mix adapter:
An adapter that allows you to connect your bag-in-box to different post-mix production lines. You have a custom one? We have the adapter.

Snap-on lid closure:
Simple. Practical.

Do you have a special request? Get in touch with us. With the help of our extensive supplier network, we are guaranteed to find the correct closure for your bag-in-box solution.

Aluminium composite film bags

If you are looking for barrier properties, you have come to the right place.

The barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour are the no. 1 decisive factor for long shelf life for beverages and food items, and the no. 1 decisive factor for security when it comes to chemicals.

They can be reached through a combination of the materials PET, PE, PP, and aluminium, called aluminium composite films. We use them for the production of 3-side sealing pouches, block bottom bags (inserts for cardboard), and round-bottom bags (inserts for barrels).

If the bag is also sealed on top (4-side sealing pouch) and equipped with a filler neck, then this is a bag for gas analysis.

What sizes do they come in? In the one you need.

Quality Assurance

The mother of all products.

Our products are used in areas of high sensitivity and critical importance to you. We are aware of that. This is why quality and reliability are our primary concern.

This is why we manufacture strictly according to the regulations of “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) and we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since July 1998.

We are able to ensure high standards of quality by means of regular checks not only during the production process but also with the help of our laboratory’s trained staff.

We take care to only use raw materials with defined specifications that we procure from selected, preferably certified sub-suppliers. The issued acceptance test certificates and declarations of conformity document the superior quality of our products and their compliance with legal requirements.

Packaging Consultancy

If you don't know what you need...

… we do.

You have a new product?
You want better packaging than before?
You have automated your processes?

Or do you want to see a sample first and place a sample order?

Together with you, we will find the right packaging. We are sure.

We look forward to receiving a non-binding enquiry and a description of your packaging task from our team of consultants.

To get in touch with us, please use the Contact form.

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