Inserts (three-side sealing pouches)

Sealed on three sides, open at the top, for versatile use.

Product characteristics:

Size/Filling vol.

  • According to customer requirements


  • 3-side sealing pouch


  • Aluminium film with one PE layer each inside and outside

The insert is a three-side sealing pouch, which can be manufactured from different films. We make it from aluminium composite films and PE composites to keep oxygen, light and moisture out. As the name suggests, the three-side sealed pouch has three sealed sides and one open side. Give us your desired dimensions and we will make them to measure.


Can be welded and vacuumed. Highest product protection. Good puncture resistance.

Areas of use:

Many of our customers use the bags for packaging, storing and transporting chemicals or pharmaceutical substances. Thanks to their ability to be individually adapted to the respective product, they can be found in a wide variety of industrial sectors, wherever barrier layers are required.

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