Round-bottom bags (aluminium composite)

A body with two sealing seams and round bottom insert made of aluminium composite film.

Product characteristics:

Size/Filling vol.

  • Diameter 110 mm to 580 mm
  • Height up to 1400 mm


  • Open on top


  • Aluminium composite film (from the outside in):
    PET (or PP), aluminium film, PE (or PP)

Round-bottom bags are produced semi-automatically by hand. They comprise a tubular body with two sealing seams and a round base that is fused to the body by a special process. Thanks to the flexibility of the packaging and the use of high-quality composite films, the contents can be fully drained. The film used guarantees a 100% water vapour and oxygen barrier. You would like to fill a hot liquid? No problem, this is possible up to 160° C.


For high temperatures.
For sensitive products.
Best barrier characteristics.

Areas of use:

Thanks to its strength and temperature resistance, it is the first choice for reactive hot melt, a very sensitive product in the adhesives industry. It serves as an adjusting vessel for filling, storage and transport of liquids, viscous or powdery media. It is frequently placed in a cylindrical cardboard sleeve for extra protection.

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